sábado, 17 de agosto de 2013

[SMAP/NEWS] News about Kimura's drama

In recent days were disclosed more information about the new drama by starring Kimura Takuya. The story is about a physicist Matsushima Reiji  who has built an important theory and, because it, someone is trying to kill him and his bride. To protect them, one android is sent from the future. Kimura will play the physical and android. Shibasaki Kou was chosen to be his bride. - A screaming fãgirl inserted here. They are back together after 10 years since Good Luck, but I loved them in Sora Kara (...) <3 <3 <3

terça-feira, 6 de agosto de 2013

[Akanishi] Okaeri, JinJin!!

After a year and five months, finally Jin Akanishi returns with the single [Hey Whats Up]. With four versions, the Akanishi's new work won second place in the ranking of Dwango before their official release.

During these days has been published magazines with interviews and photos of Jin. I'll translate some of them in future, probably just for the Portuguese because it already has some translations into Spanish. The photos you can download here: JA Fandom

Jin also has recorded his participation in Shonen Club, will be transmitted on days 4 and 11 of September. Were broadcast on radio interviews recorded on the new single.

Some fans are already getting their singles and posters that accompany them have been published. The pictures are beautiful and Jin is perfect in all *.*

quinta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2013

[Translation PT/ES/ SMAP] Kusanagi Tsuyoshi gets a big hit and becomes Johnny's Junior Sensei for a day

English translation: here 

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi recebe um grande sucesso e se torna sensei  dos Johnny’s Jr por um dia
Em 2 de junho, o membro do SMAP Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (38) participou de um evento de agradecimento ao público por tornar seu filme "Chuugakusei Maruyama" (Dir. Kudo Kankuro) um grande sucesso. O referido evento foi realizado no United Cinemas Toyosu (Tóquio) e Kusanagi se transformou em "professor secundário por um dia". Dez alunos de escolas secundárias que fazem parte do elenco do drama da Fuji Tv "Kasuka na Kanojo" (às terça-feira 10pm) colaboraram com ele. [Entre eles os] Johnnys Jrs. Morimoto Shintaro (15), Jinguji Yuta (15) e Iwahashi Genki (16) também responderam a algumas perguntas durante este evento.

terça-feira, 30 de julho de 2013

[Translation PT/ Akanishi] Nylon Japan Interview

Translation for spanish: Here
Translation for english: Here

"Eu tenho que pensar em fazer um álbum em primeiro lugar. (Risos). Quanto ao álbum, eu quero fazer um em que meus fãs poderão desfrutar de músicas em Inglês e Japonês. Além disso, eu acho que seria interessante se eu pudesse trabalhar com artistas no exterior e criar músicas com eles.

segunda-feira, 29 de julho de 2013

[Videos/ Akanishi/ SMAP] Trailers + CM's+ short version [Hey Whats Up]

I made a list with the latest news on videos about SMAP and Akanishi Jin. In recent days was released the short version of the single [Hey What's Up] and also left the trailers of the films [47 Ronin] and [Ataru: The first Love and Last Kill] and commercial Dandy House and Softbank.

Honestly, I thought the trailers genius. [47 ronin] exceeded my expectations, cause I was a little afraid after comparison that Jin did with Harry Potter lol. But everything is perfect. The Shibasaki Kou is wonderful <3

The trailer [Ataru: The first Love and Last Kill] is a bit dark and I'm curious about the character of Maki-chan. I want to seethis so much!

With respect to PV [Hey Whats Up] ... I want the full version soonthis so much! It seems really a song that encourages us to have fun.

quarta-feira, 24 de julho de 2013

[Akanishi] 47 Ronin trailer was released!!

Many news have been reported related to our dear Akanishi. A previous of the two songs that will be released with [Hey What's Up] was released yesterday. And also came the first trailer of the film 47 Ronin 
* ___ *

terça-feira, 23 de julho de 2013

[Akanishi] Last news - Resume

Were released in recent days more and more information about the new single from Jin Akanishi. I've been traveling and lost almost all news lol. But was finally released preview of new music, as well as the previous music video. The whole song came to leak too, but now I can not find it anymore. (And before you get mad with me, I properly bought the 4 versions [Hey What's Up])

[Hey Whats Up] is a dance music with electronic beats in an environment of a big party. And that goes perfectly with Jin xD. I quite enjoyed it, I am increasingly anxious for performances in TV's shows.

It was also announced that Jin will be the cover of Anan and appear article in another periodical.

sexta-feira, 12 de julho de 2013

[SMAP/ Translation PT/ES] Oricon: SMAP makes history...

[Oricon] SMAP makes history by placing 50 consecutive single since debut in the TOP 10

Translation in english here

SMAP faz história ao colocar 50 singles consecutivos desde a estréia no TOP 10

Lançado em 05 de junho, o 50º single do SMAP "JOY!" já vendeu 328 mil cópias em sua primeira semana, conquistando o topo do ranking semanal pela 17ª vez.

SMAP alcançou o primeiro lugar no ranking semanal de singles 28 vezes no total, e 17 vezes consecutivas desde seu single "Freebird" (Maio de 2002). Mas eles fazem história por colocar todos os seus 50 singles continuamente no Top 10 desde seu single de estreia, "Can’t Stop!!-Loving-" (Setembro de 1991). Esta é a primeira vez entre todos os rankings, incluindo os grupos masculino e feminino, e até mesmo artistas solo.

[Akanishi/ News] Covers for [Hey What's Up] released

The site of the Warner Music Japan recently released the covers of the new single from Jin Akanishi [Hey What's Up]. The single, which will be launched in August, will have 4 issues, which will be accompanied by screen saver to download. Also will be raffled among Japanese fans tickets for an event (Lucky fans!).

sexta-feira, 5 de julho de 2013

[Rumours] Jin as guest in SMAP's program??

It's a rumor circulating on the internet about Jin attend the SMAP program to promote her new single. The source is not very reliable, I've read "news" there about Kimura divorce many times and never happened lol

But ...

I would be VERY happy if it were true. Jin and Kimura * ___ *

And there is a certain logic. Jin certainly will not be the same faction that KAT-TUN within JE. So it should be under the orders of Ijima, who cares for SMAP, Kisumai, Yamapi and others. Since last year, there has been many interactions between the units-Kisumai SMAP, SMAP-Yamapi. So it would not be much of a surprise if they work an interaction SMAP-Akanishi, I think.

I'm waiting for it * _____ *